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Geology gets short shrift, these days. When most folks think about pushing scientific boundaries and the exploration of nature, geology is not even among the first twenty fields that would come to mind. There are plenty of reasons for this, some fair and some not, but look a little deeper (and further out!) and you’ll find a science that is the foundation for everything we know about where we are, where we came from, and where we are going. Geology is the story of planets. It’s the story of life, of the continents, the oceans, the hiking path you take every morning, the electricity lighting up your screen, and the story of your future. These are stories worth telling.

This blog is the personal website of Nicholas Montiel, geologist and planetary scientist (planetologist?). It will chart a course through the Earth and planetary sciences, from volcanoes to glaciers, from moons of Jupiter to the liquid metal of Earth’s core, from the women and men who built modern geoscience to its complicated legacy and future.

I hope that those who read this blog will enjoy themselves and learn something about their planet and others. I know I will!

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